Monday, October 6, 2008

Been a while...

Its been a while since I've written on my adventures as a student dean. Quite honestly, my time has been put to a lot of use. My days are spent in the classroom, sitting behind a desk, instead of on the floor rolling around with my kiddos. My afternoons are spent trying to finish schoolwork quickly before I begin "working" instead of tutoring the cute Korean kiddos. Then at 8:30, my night begins. I'm either in my room, or in the office. Patiently waiting for someone to walk in with a problem...well, thats on my good nights. Most nights i'm running around from girl to girl. Between guy problems that take us into the wee hours of the morning or sick girls who need the hospital, my nights are usually filled up and go by quickly. By quite honestly, my girls are AMAZING! They make my day everynight as I enter into their little haven and even in the midst of studying, they still give me a warm and happy smile.

In between all that, I have to fit in friends, special friends and family. Its definately a crazy life, but i love every second of it! Yes, there are many times when I wish that I were in Saipan, just living life simple, but I trust what the good Lord has for me. I'm probably the happiest I've been in a while (away from Saipan) and I'm kinda afraid that its going to end soon. Yes, I do have many problems going on in my life, but I seem to have this peace about it all, that its impossible to be upset! The Lord works in mysterious ways, thats for sure! He's awesome and amazing. Most imporantly, He gives me the peace that only He can give.

I'm happy where I'm at right now. There are only a handful of things that could make my life better, but I've put those in the hands of G-d!

IF you're in Saipan and reading this, know that I think of you all the time and love you more than you know!

Please keep me in your prayers, as I continue trying to follow in the footsteps of the Almighty!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Missionary Lifestyle

Hey There! Its me again!
Yep, this missionary is back, but this time I'm not in a warm island with warm people. Saipan will always be a great and important part of my life. I never said an official goodbye to Saipan on my previous blog because I may have departed from there, but it has not departed from me. Being in Saipan brought me many moments of joy and happiness and it was truly an adventure I'm not sure I can ever compare to, and because of this, it was just so hard for me to come back and be just another face in the crowd. Although my heart wanted (and still wants) to be back in Saipan, I listened to one above and learned that He wanted to use me elsewhere. I got the wonderful opportunity to be a Student Dean at my beloved University, Southern! I was really excited by it, but wasn't really focused on its importance, until my first night here. My mom and I were talking with some of my friends and I was reminiscing on Saipan, when she mentioned the fact that yes, I was not a "missionary", but in reality I was. Southern definitely has many young ladies that need to get close to the Lord, and I, in the position that I was given, was able to have an impact on them. I felt so dumb at that moment. This entire year I had been preaching about being missionaries and the true definition of one, and here I didn't even see the jewel that was right in front of me. So here, in this blog, I will let you know of my mission as a Student Dean. So far, I'm truly enjoying it! I've been working long hours and have found myself in the last couple of days running around crazy, but I'm so happy and quite truly enjoying it! I thank G-d for this opportunity, and hope that you check in from time to time to hear of my days, serving the Lord, as a DA!